My name is Amy.

I’m a native Coloradan who loves the Rocky Mountains, conversations over coffee or tea, and a good book. I enjoy Steampunk things and Star Wars things, and hedgehogs. Also, I like baking cupcakes. And then eating cupcakes. I do freelance editing. I write a bit, too. I’m a part of Crosshair Press, an independent press. (For more Crosshair info, please click the link on my “Blog Links” list.) I post over there on a monthly basis.

I’m working on a novel that dances along the lines of Steampunk and Alternate History.

I am a Christ follower. I am continually learning to trust Him completely, and to live a life that will please Him. By His grace and through His love I am learning more about this broken world and how only He can mend it. And sometimes He chooses to use me.

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