“Evil’s afoot.” “Well, sure,” Bob said, “because it refuses to learn the metric system. Otherwise it’d be up to a meter by now.” Jim Butcher – White Night  

Recipe – Bacon Grease Biscuits.

There’s really no reason for me to write anything else. Doesn’t that just sound terrible? Spoiler: They’re not so terrible. I was lucky enough to inherit my grandmother’s dishes. The set came with some cute little baking dishes with lids. Unfortunately only one survived the move. It’s my little grease holder. I started keeping the grease…

Recipe – Christmas Cranberry Cake

This is a recipe my mom and I found in a magazine, somewhere. If I can find it, I’ll post the credit. We did make some adjustments for our own family’s taste, so it’s not exactly the one we found, but again, when I find the original source, I’ll list it here. This is also…

Baking Preparedness.

There’s a photograph somewhere, of me baking with my grandma. I’m on a step-stool, sleeves rolled up, and I’m wearing an apron that was probably a flour sack in its former life. Grandma is supervising my determined cookie-rolling, a smile on her face. She is calm. I remember the experience probably just through that photograph….