Down by the bay. I decided to share this heartwarming Raffi classic with my child. We sing and giggle over llamas in pajamas, with her answering that it’s so silly and of course she’s never seen that before. And then… “Have you ever seen a bear combing his hair?” G: “Yep, and he was eating a human.” Well,…

Baking Preparedness.

There’s a photograph somewhere, of me baking with my grandma. I’m on a step-stool, sleeves rolled up, and I’m wearing an apron that was probably a flour sack in its former life. Grandma is supervising my determined cookie-rolling, a smile on her face. She is calm. I remember the experience probably just through that photograph….

Bob Rossin’ it.

You might have noticed, if you glance at my Twitter feed or Instagram, that I make bath bombs.


  Can you take a compliment? For example… When you send a gift to a friend, just because, and they say you brightened their day. When you hold a grieving loved one, and they tell you they’re so glad it’s your arms around them. Confession: I am terrible about taking compliments. (I know, First World Problems,…