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Acquisitions. Lateness. People.

I have been working on the task of commenting on about 30 submissions for Crosshair Press, the independent small publishing press that three other women and I co-founded in 2014. This was our first submission period and we considered it a total success. I manage the acquisitions, and I was so excited to receive so many… Continue reading Acquisitions. Lateness. People.

life, personal, world problems

When Home isn’t Home.

I leave in a few minutes to visit my family back in Colorado. I am SO looking forward to seeing the mountains, eating the *best* (argue if you like) smothered chili rellenos, seeing dear friends, and, because I love food, basically smothering everything I consume in green chili. (It's a Colorado thing.) Want to know… Continue reading When Home isn’t Home.

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Finding Your Place to Create

How do you inspire yourself when you create? Are you someone who seeks out inspiration, the right music, the right playlist, the right atmosphere in which to pursue your art? Or do you make your own, where you are, as you are, and create no matter what, no matter where? When I was younger, I had… Continue reading Finding Your Place to Create