Baking Preparedness.

There’s a photograph somewhere, of me baking with my grandma. I’m on a step-stool, sleeves rolled up, and I’m wearing an apron that was probably a flour sack in its former life. Grandma is supervising my determined cookie-rolling, a smile on her face. She is calm. I remember the experience probably just through that photograph….

Bob Rossin’ it.

You might have noticed, if you glance at my Twitter feed or Instagram, that I make bath bombs.


  Can you take a compliment? For example… When you send a gift to a friend, just because, and they say you brightened their day. When you hold a grieving loved one, and they tell you they’re so glad it’s your arms around them. Confession: I am terrible about taking compliments. (I know, First World Problems,…


So it’s February. When did that happen? And here I sit, thinking about what I should write, and feeling, deeply, that I really have nothing to write about. I am so grateful that life doesn’t depend on how I feel. There are things to write and share all over, and while I often feel that…