Today I am thankful for late mornings. 

It gives me time to relax a little. Helps me to process my week. And it actually helps me feel better. Some down time before I have to scoot off to work. 🙂 

Today’s late morning allowed me to savor a cup (or two!) of tea. I was able to watch a full half-hour of QVC (what can I say, it’s my guilty pleasure – I’ve never bought anything, I just like listening to the nice ladies talk about shiny things…) and that helped me plan out what I could get for my mom for Christmas.  This late morning also gave me some extra time with my husband, which, between our opposite schedules and our own activities and school stuff, can be quite the rarity. All combined, it was a blessing before I rush off to work a busy event all day.

There’s also some business I’m not really looking forward to… I owe an apology to someone at work. I snapped at them the other day, after they snapped at me. It’s been bothering me ever since. So, if you’re reading this, send out a prayer for me, please? 

Many thanks. 🙂

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