I’ve bought my tickets and registered for a writer’s conference. It’s called Realm Makers. And honestly, I feel like I’m going to the Super Bowl, I’m so excited. Only this is better, because there’s less football, more Star Wars, and the seats will be filled with writers!

I first attended Realm Makers with another writer, Amy, who told me about it. It was the first Realm Makers conference, and afterwards we couldn’t stop talking about how encouraging the whole thing was. It can honestly be daunting to go out into the writing world and it’s rare to come back without being very jaded about the whole idea of getting into it as a career.

Our attendance and hearing a few of the folks speak there was one of the first reasons we started Crosshair Press. It was truly a God thing that we were there, and it’s begun this amazing adventure of books and editing and publishing and marketing and more.

Anyway, so at Realm Makers they have a costume-optional banquet. Because what else would we do, right?

This year, I wanted to make an actual outfit, but as life often does, it didn’t allow for much time and ability as I hoped for. The first idea was for a Jedi-ish costume, the next was more along the Steampunk line of costuming (there are so many details needed with Steampunk designs, I’m not sure I can get them all right), but my favorite idea so far has been for me just to wear a t-shirt. Because it’s safe. So I think I’ll probably dress up, because we all need to step out of our comfort zones sometime, right? Keep you posted.

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