We’ve gotten to the part of January where it can be a little awkward to extend the Happy New Year greeting, where we are teetering at the edge of finishing that first diet week, and when the swear jar is much fuller than we intended it to be when that resolution was made in December. But does the full success always matter? Or is it sometimes the progress that we make in spite of ourselves?

I didn’t make any resolutions for 2016, necessarily, but I did make a few  commitments (which may be the same thing, but let’s not split straws):

  1. I’m doing the Whole30 diet this month, to give my body a break from all the processed foods I typically eat.
    Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry-spiced Burgers
  2. I’m working out on a more consistent basis, so I will be a healthier mom and example for my daughter.
  3. I’m writing every day, so I will be a more consistent team member with Crosshair Press, and also so I’ll stop feeling like a failure when it comes to my personal writing goals. Not meaning to sound down on myself, but after the holidays have taken a good chunk of my time, it’s easy to look at all I intended to have accomplished by now and how little of it is. Little-by-little gets the job done, right?

On the topic of goals, you should stop by Crosshair Press and check out my last blog post about our news – we’re finally accepting submissions! You can look at our guidelines and see if we’re the right place for you.

Do you have any resolutions or commitments you’ve made for the year? Do you have any Whole30 recipes you’d be willing to send my way? I can always use suggestions!

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