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Baking Preparedness.

There's a photograph somewhere, of me baking with my grandma. I'm on a step-stool, sleeves rolled up, and I'm wearing an apron that was probably a flour sack in its former life. Grandma is supervising my determined cookie-rolling, a smile on her face. She is calm. I remember the experience probably just through that photograph.… Continue reading Baking Preparedness.

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Highlights from Realm Makers 2016

I'm a bit overdue for a recap of my visit to this particular writers' conference. It has been such a blessing to me each year I've gone, and this year was no different. I'll just jump right in: Deep Things I learned at Realm Makers 2016: Silence is special. God hears us. Crying is healthy… Continue reading Highlights from Realm Makers 2016



I feel like I have secret life at Glen Eyrie Castle, in Colorado Springs. I attended a writer's conference there last year and returned again this June. Tucked up against the mountains, the castle's outer stone walls could blend in perfectly with the nearby towers of the Garden of the Gods. And the castle is… Continue reading Reinspired…