So, I had forgotten one very important fact after I wrote the previous post. That is, once I’ve written something I think is insightful and possibly deeper than my normal thoughts, and published it for all to see — the moment I’ve clicked on the “Publish” button, I have marked myself. Call it karma, call it the way life goes. But when I do it, I can almost always count on getting smacked in the face with the challenge of putting my words into practice. Of course.

So here’s my stupidly obvious observation:

It’s easier said than done.

Not 24 hours after I’d posted it, until today, the following occurred:

At least a few major miscommunications with family members, many of which turned out to be my fault.

Friend drama.

Job-searching stress.

An assortment of frustrating and irritating circumstances over which I have absolutely NO CONTROL. (Insert cartoon of me here, hair frazzled out to the sides and smoke curling from my ears.)

OH- and the toilet clogged and overflowed. After I’d used it. At a friend’s house. Sigh.

I failed, BlogoReaders. I did not smile through each adversity. My inner child stamped her foot and growled unpleasantly more times than I’d care to publicly admit. I did learn through it, though. Learned how to use a plunger (good, since my “dealing with the plumbing” technique consisted of my hopping from foot to foot, calling “The toilet! There’s water everywhere! I promise! Help! Please?”), and I got to practice the good old apology when I was at fault, as well as adjusting my ears to hear the needs of others over the shouting of my own issues.

Not that I’m saying I’m perfect and that suddenly I’ve this whole life thing down. Really not saying that.

*crossing fingers against the challenge of life again*

One thought on “Facing reality.

  1. I’m alway sof the opinion that life has a great sense of humor…even if it semi-ironic. Enjoy life’s little quirks and twists because when we do this, we truely can experience the knowledge that we are truely alive. 🙂


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