Today is Wednesday, but it’s felt very much like a Monday.

It started off just fine. I had my coffee. My daughter is in a good mood today. All positive things. And then I started adding people into the mix. I’m an introvert, but I like people. They make life better. Usually.

But… That communication thing. It just gets me, sometimes. So I talked. And they talked.  Have you ever been chatting with someone on the same subject, but it’s like you’re at the helm of separate bumper cars? You might attempt to play nicely with everyone, make things work, and drive around the outside of the track. Smooth, right? And when things are smooth, everyone’s happy, right? Then comes the first bump. Someone evidently thinks you aren’t “driving” properly. Then another (You really ought to have handled that differently), and another (why aren’t you taking this conversation seriously?!), and it makes the day go from smooth to UGH. Good intentions dashed upon the rocks of other peoples’ perception.

Sound familiar? No? Just me? Good. Because it’s really annoying and I don’t want you to have to experience that.

Having a day like this isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t ruin my life. But it sure does put a damper on a pretty good day. Until I remember that life is pretty much stumbling through a journey. There was a book or a song — I can’t recall — but there was something I read once, where someone states that walking is simply falling towards the earth as the other leg comes up to catch your body before you hit. If you walk, it’s a fact- falling is a sure thing. It’s not a failure. It’s how you move forward.

It’s how you move forward.

Okay. Ever write something and then read it and realize it’s what you needed to hear? I think it might be a whisper from God. He’s good that way.

Sorry, friends. This post isn’t really for you. It’s for me. But I’m going to publish it so I can come back to it. (Hopefully I’m not unintentionally plagiarising something.) Maybe if you ever have a day like this — a “mildly frustrating day full of tiny bits of conflict that eat away at your happiness” kind of day, you’ll remember some random tidbit that helps you. I hope you share about it. It might help someone else, not just you.

10 thoughts on “Falling Up.

  1. My father used to tell me that failure wasn’t trying for something only to fall short. Failure was never trying at all and regretting your missed opportunity. This reminded me of that. It’s not falling, it’s how we move forward.

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    1. Yes. Now that you’re the third person to mention that note about what failure truly is, I think it’s fair to say I need to take that message to heart, as well. Thank you. 🙂


  2. There are days, today is not one, but there are days when the only thing I really accomplish is falling forward. Oh, did I get that wrong? I see. It is that falling forward is the way we move forward! Thank you for this.

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    1. Thanks, it’s becoming an exercise of not worrying about things I cannot control. Funny, I thought I’d had a good handle on that! 😉 Hope you are off the roller coaster, too. So glad that you have a way to help relieve the craziness.


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