Tragedy. Grief. Loss.

What do you do when a loved one is plunged into these things, but you can do nothing but wait and pray with with them? Your soul cries with them, and you want to be strong for them. And yet… you realize what a fixer you are, but taking this pain from them is something you cannot do. You really can only wait and pray.

I have recaps of my writer’s conference I want to post. I have happy, fun news to share. But it can wait. It is not what is important right now.

Waking up on the other side

Of Grief that is not truly mine.

Tears that are not mine to shed

Rise inside, ’til my soul aches.

The only words, the only words:

“God, be near to them.

God, be still with them.

God, be with them.”

Heal them with Your love.

Let them rise again, strong in your grace

Vibrant with beautiful scars

To sing of your enduring faithful love.

But until then, let them rest in your mighty, gentle arms.

Give them rest.


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